• 399 x 599 x 301 (h) mm
    399 x 599 x 301 (h) mm
  • 369 x 569 x 297 (h) mm
    369 x 569 x 297 (h) mm
  • HDPE-3.000 gr
    HDPE-3.000 gr
  • -
  • 880
  • 1.056

Our meat boxes, specially designed according to the current trends and quality conditions, are used in the cold logistics and retail chain from the production area of all meat products, especially red meat, to the last buyer thanks to their fully closed and comfortable handles, which are not damaged by the product and they are packaged or without package.

Meat boxes can be transported in safe and hygienic conditions and stored in cold storage with our E1, E2 and E3 boxes, which are produced in accordance with the packaging needs of the meat industry, which has a wide range of products.

Stackable meat boxes reach the freezing point quickly with its structure that does not harm the product and its special raw material content, allowing the products to be transferred from the production areas to the markets and warehouses in a quality and healthy way.

Our meat products boxes, which ensure the safe completion of the cold logistics chain from the production and loading point to the sales points, are the most used meat boxes in the sector thanks to their durable structures.

It offers all our local and foreign customers the possibility of practical and hygienic use as well as hassle-free and economical storage for long periods of time.

In accordance with customer demands, features such as screen printing, laser printing, sequential numbering, hot printing, PVC kanban pocket, plastic kanban pocket and RFID label applications can be added and thus our plastic cases gain a specific structure and can be tracable for customers and institutions.

Our meat boxes can be sterilized after each use as our other boxes and prepared for re-use in a completely clean way.

As meat boxes are generally used in cold storage, cold-resistant raw materials and masterbatches are used in the production of our products.

In this product group, 100% food-grade production is made.

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