Benoplast has recycled (raw material production) facilities with 44.200 m² open, 17.300 m² closed, total 61.500 m² area in 23.000 m² open, 5.000 m² closed and 28.000 m² total modern production facilities with experienced managers and team work And offers product solutions that make it easy to "move and store" products. Being a "preferred" brand both nationally and internationally, Benoplast has managed to become a supplier to many organizations that lead different industries.

    Benoplast has been the first company to offer innovative solutions by predetermining the needs of the sectors it serves in today's Turkish market. Quality, technological, original and functional design with the goal of realizing the production. With its competitive cost structure, ambitious investment strategy and point of view, it has provided innovative solutions to many brands in the process of institutionalization and institutionalization in Turkey and the world in a short time.

    Benoplast has contributed to the competitiveness of the institutions it serves by means of its "product-specific design" understanding, with its wide product range, dynamic and high performance in national and international markets.

    Closely following new technologies; Benoplast, which has developed product systems and solutions for "transportation and storage" that will contribute to many sectors such as food, agriculture, automotive, logistics, electronics, chemistry and textile, has determined quality and customer satisfaction as the basic principle.

    Not only against customers; Employees, suppliers and the social environment they are in, Benoplast continues to develop its reputation for carrying the identity of its national pioneering company to the international dimension, thanks to its uncompromising work discipline.



    • Documenting, certifying and continuously improving our quality management system to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 standard,
    • To develop employees with a human-oriented approach, adopt the corporate culture that takes into account the quality awareness and interrogative perspective
    • To provide customer satisfaction by producing fast, economical, high quality and reliable products according to the needs of customers,
    • To compete at the international level by making all processes efficient in line with the continuous improvement approach
    • Following technological developments; We are committed to product design and development and to offer new products to the market according to current needs.

    BENOPLAST aims to continually improve its negative impact on the environment and its activities to prevent pollution. With TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, it will systematically monitor the environmental performance and continuously improve it. In this direction;

    • To comply with all applicable legal requirements regarding our environmental dimensions,
    • Optimum use of all resources required for our production activities,
    • To set goals and objectives for the reduction, control and important environmental impacts of emissions and wastes given to all environmental environments,
    • Prevention of pollution at the source, taking into account the environmental impacts associated with production activities,
    • To fulfill the responsibilities for the systematic storage, recovery and destruction of all kinds of waste resulting from our activities,
    • We are committed to ensure the effective maintenance and improvement of the established environmental management system.
    • BENOPLAST meets all legal and institutional working conditions related to OHS, ensuring a safe and healthy working environment
    • To carry out continuous improvement activities in order to eliminate all hazards that threatens the life and property safety such as disease, injury and fire.
    • It will protect employees against losses due to work accidents,
    • It undertakes to operate within the framework of this policy in the design, operation and maintenance of all facilities and equipment.
    • Obey all legal and other requirements,
    • Ensuring the participation of employees and employee representatives in OHS activities,
    • Proper and measurable quality criteria in accordance with the physical, chemical or microbiological aspects of the transmission of any kind of human health, not endangering, to meet customer demands and expectations to produce products and offer to the customer,
    • Ensuring good production, good hygiene practices and appropriate environmental conditions,
    • Food safety management system; continuously improving, improving and increasing its efficiency,
    • ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, maintaining our leadership in the sector. We always undertake to be a reliable facility.

    (Revision No: A13)


    To provide solutions that make difference with our product systems for our customers' material handling, storage and storage needs.

    (Revision No: A13)


    In sector, to be the best brand and best with innovative insight.

    (Revision No: A13)

    • Our customers are the focus of everything we do.
    • We follow technology closely to provide the best service.
    • All our relationships are based on trust and respect.
    • Always being the best is our primary goal.
    • We act with the consciousness of protecting the environment, human health and natural resources in all our activities.

    As Benoplast; not only provide qualified products for our customers, our suppliers and other business partners but also we conduct our relations with honest, fair and aware of our social responsibility. So that we always behave reliable, innovative and based on the principle of transparency about contracts and communication that we will do with them.


    Benoplast are fully responsible for comply with local laws and regulations. We serve our customers in accordance with the following principles.

    Leadership and Environment of Trust

    Each of our employees are obliged to behave comply with ethical rules. Our staff Managers must be a model in this regard to our other employees. Our managers are responsible for obstruct the violation of ethical rules in their own section. This violation is prevented with continuous inspection.

    Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunities

    Benoplast respects people's fundamental rights. Benoplast has worked with business partners and staff who has different nationalities, culture and conception. In accordance with the law, no body is subjected to discrimination, harassment or humiliation. Harassment and discrimination can not be tolerated about the language, religion, race, creed, age, color, sex, political opinion, social class, physical disability of employees. Our company make required effort about individual development of employees and contributes to their success.

    Working Conditions with Fair

    Our compensation policies are determined according to knowledge, experience and skills of employees. There is no payment below the minimum wage. Working conditions, working hours and wages is fair and compliance with national provisions and agreements.

    Prevention of Conflicting Interest

    When our employees performing their duties, it is important that not to experience conflict of interest or loyalty. Before commercial transactions and contracts if there is a conflict, the situation should be explained to the supervisor.

    Using the Intercorporate Information

    We expect from our employees to always show the required care about using of inside information. Necessary precaution have been taken for it. The market success of our products depends on their quality. There are extremely high expectations in terms of creativity, skill and care of our employees. Intentional behavior or omissions aren’t condoned which are caused of poor quality.

    Environment and Environmental Awareness

    Production is performed with an environmentally friendly manner and taking care of the impact on the environment and the recycling. Environmental impacts caused from our activities is minimized and for setting environmental awareness, training is given to our staff. All applications is comply with all environmental laws and regulations . ISO 14001 Environmental Management is implemented for a full environmental commitments.

    Health and Safety

    Safe and healthy work environment is provided and maintained for all employees. Safe and healthy working environment is supported by OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, Occupational Physician. Necessary precautions has taken to prevent health and safety risks, educational opportunities are provided for each new employment. By adopting safety first policy, the sensitivity about ensuring the safety of our employees which is our company culture.

    Child Labour and Forced Labour

    Fair working conditions for staff is provided and forced labor, child labor applications is certainly rejected. The working age is as determined by the law, child labor is not executed. Childrens below the age of 18 and youngs aren’t employ the work performed at night and under dangerous conditions. Working about this subject is suitable according to International Labour Organisation’s rules and regulations.

    Bribery, Corruption, Unethical Topics

    It is treated in accordance with the Code; it is not allowed to unethical behavior, such as bribery, corruption.