Plastic Pallet

As Benoplast, we satisfy the need for Plastic Pallets around the world with our advanced technology and facilities that were created with hight quality standards. We continue to create srong bridges between the world’s production and consumption economies with our research & development studies in plastic pallets, the attention we pay to innovation and our innovative perspective. Today, Turkey, under the leadership of Benoplast, is able to reshape various plastic raw materials and use any kind of technology to it’s fullest potential. We provide the need of the market with plastic pallets which are created with little cost and are sturdy, practical and can be recycled. We are also located in one of the few countries that dominate the global market. Our company follows technological advancements closely and values many industries such as food, agriculture, automotive, logistics, electronics, chemistry and textile. Quality and customer satisfaction are our primary principles. Our environment friendly plastic pallets and the care we put into nature and humans make us a preferable brand in Turkey and the universal market.