Human Resources

Human Resources

Success for our company must be sustainable. We believe that success means not only reaching goals, but also doing things that leave a mark on the future. We include our desire to succeed as well as our knowledge and skills.


360 Degree Feedback System

Based on the company's goals, the 360-degree feedback system is a feedback method that improves the awareness of all our white-collar employees about their competence, behavior and perception by receiving feedback from sources at different levels. The purpose here is not a performance evaluation, but to provide feedback to ensure the development of the person, and to realize the strengths and areas open to improvement. With the realization of the targets at the end of the year, the competencies expected from the position of the employee are evaluated first by the employee and then with the manager, and the development areas related to the competencies are evaluated in the individual development and annual training plan. The criteria required for our blue-collar employees to carry out operational work are also regularly reviewed every year.

Selection and Placement

Our most important value, which will carry our company into the future, is our employees. To enable the recruitment of people with the skills and competencies that can contribute to the achievement of the BENOPLAST family’s goals, our selection and placement process is structured as “providing fair, equal opportunities to all candidates and in line with legal practices”.

Application Process

In the recruitment process, which aims to match the right candidate with the appropriate position, Benoplast's database, career portals and individual applications are evaluated for open positions and candidates are invited to a preliminary interview. After the interviews with the human resources department and department managers, the candidates who are deemed suitable are offered proposals after reference and salary studies.

Appreciation and Rewarding

We believe that our core values and management philosophy are the two most important factors that have brought us to where we are today.In order to adapt quickly to the changing competitive environment and gain competitive advantage, our most reliable source that will make a difference is our employees. Encouraging employees to create and implement improvement ideas for their work, creating opportunities for employees to present their ideas and the improvements they make, and rewarding and appreciating employees who create and implement improvement ideas is important.

Salary and Benefits

Parallel with company strategies, business evaluation and wage management processes are established and implemented in a consistent manner, wage increases are made by taking into consideration the balance between positions and taking into account comparisons with the market.

The wages and benefits provided by our company to its employees;

Net wage, complementary health insurance, food fee in our locations where lunch is not provided, marriage,

birth benefit, university scholarship, gift voucher, ramadan package, christmas package, festive chocolate, etc. 

Company phone and vehicle may be given due to duty.

Training and Development

In Benoplast, which attaches great importance to human resources and aims continuous training and development in this sense:

-Demands of employees,

-Development areas in competencies required by the position,

-The trainings they need to achieve their annual goals,

-Annual training plans are prepared taking into account personal and professional development needs.

This process is also supported by leadership development programs, mentoring and coaching activities on the basis of position and title. At the end of the trainings, taking into account the evaluations of our participants about the trainings, continuous improvement is aimed in the training organizations. According to the compulsory vocational training of hourly wage workers and the standards of working in heavy and dangerous jobs, training needs analysis is carried out and these trainings are carried out through accredited institutions.

Our Development Process

Our human resources focus is among our goals to transform the organization of our company into a more professional structure, to ensure that the employees assume the leadership role within the company and to have the authority and responsibilities to direct the future strategies of the company.

Our objectives:

-Creating a common management culture,

-To develop a corporate culture that is open to development and will ensure the continuity of development,

-To raise leaders who carry the success of the institution to the future,

-To ensure continuous development to support professionalism in areas of expertise.

Internal Trainer Training Programs

It is aimed to expand the expertise within the company, to ensure the development of the employees by sharing their knowledge and to keep the continuous learning environment alive in the company.