Code Of Business Ethics

Code Of Business Ethics


As BENOPLAST; We not only provide quality products for our customers, suppliers and other business partners, but also conduct our relations with honesty, fairness and awareness of our social responsibilities. For this reason, we always act on the principle of reliability, innovation and transparency in our contracts and communications with them. 


Benoplast is responsible for fully complying with local laws and regulations. We serve our customers in line with the following principles. As BENOPLAST; We defend the rights of every individual working under our roof, and we adopt the principle of ensuring social equality and protecting and keeping the environment alive.

Leadership and Confidence

Each of our employees is obliged to comply with the Ethical Rules. Our employees in our company; is aware that it should not give or offer a bribe, payment or anything of value to any individual. It is also aware that our personnel should not engage in any behavior that may cause such bribery and corruption from any organization or individual. Our managerial staff should set an example for our other employees in this regard. Our managers are responsible for not violating the ethical rules in their departments. This violation is prevented by the managers' constant monitoring of the personnel.

Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity

Benoplast respects the fundamental rights of people. It works with business partners and staff of different nationalities, cultures and understandings. No person shall be subject to discrimination, harassment or humiliation in accordance with the law. Language, religion, race, creed, nationality, age, color, gender, political opinion, social distancing, including hiring, wages and other benefits, promotion, discipline, dismissal or retirement class, physical disability, sexual orientation, etc. Harassment and discrimination for reasons will not be tolerated. Our company makes the necessary effort for the individual development of its employees and contributes to their success. 

Fair Working Conditions

Our wage policy is determined according to the knowledge, experience and skills of our employees; Payments and social rights are made by adopting the principles of the Labor Law No. 4857 and the Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098, overtime wages are paid in accordance with the law and the minimum living standards are met. Working hours specified in the Labor Law No. 4857 are complied with and overtime is employed on a voluntary basis. Working conditions, hours worked and wages; It is subject to Labor Laws and Regulations, in line with national provisions and agreements and is fair. It works by agreement with definite or indefinite employment contracts and by force, debt, etc. such as involuntary work.

Prevention of Conflicts of Interest 

It is important that our employees do not experience conflicts of interest or loyalty while performing their duties. If such a conflict occurs before entering into commercial transactions and contracts, the situation should be explained to the supervisor. 

Use of Inside Information Which About the Company

We expect due care to be exercised at all times in the use of internal information. Necessary measures have been taken for this. The success of our products in the market depends on their quality. We have extremely high expectations for creativity, talent and care from our employees. Intentional behavior and negligence that causes a decrease in quality is definitely not tolerated.

Environment and Environmental Awareness

In Production; It does this in an environmentally friendly manner, taking into account its environmental impact and the recycling of the materials used. Our personnel are trained in order to create environmental awareness by minimizing the environmental impacts arising from our activities.

All applications comply with applicable environmental legislation, customer standards and regulations. ISO 14001 Environmental Management is implemented for a full environmental commitment. It continuously improves its environmental performance by controlling and reducing environmental impacts.

Health and Safety

All employees comply with all relevant laws regarding working conditions, including sanitary measures, fire safety, risk protection and electrical, mechanical, psychological and structural safety, and a safe and healthy work environment is provided and maintained. A safe and healthy working environment is provided, supported by ISO 45001, OHS Specialist and Workplace Physician studies. Necessary measures are taken to prevent health and safety risks, and training opportunities are provided for each new employment. By adopting the principle of Safety First, our sensitivity about ensuring the safety of our employees is turned into a culture in our company.

Child Labor and Drudgery

It provides fair working conditions to its staff and categorically rejects drudgery and child labor practices. Individuals whose working age is defined as "Child" and "Young Worker" in the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles of Employing Child and Young Workers are as determined by the law and child labor is not employed. Children and young people under the age of 18 are not employed in night work and under dangerous conditions. Studies on this subject comply with the working conditions and rules of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Bribery, Corruption, Unethical Issues

Acting in accordance with Business Ethics; Unethical behaviors such as bribery and corruption are strictly prohibited.

Harassment and Abuse

Based on the Labor Law, no individual is employed in the factory who exposes them to ill-treatment, verbal or physical abuse.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining Rights

The right to be a member of or form a union within the company is respected.