Human Resources Approach

Human Resources Approach

Mission, Vision, Policies...


Human Resources Mission

Adopting Benoplast values, having the competencies required by the dynamism of the company, open to learning, dynamic and willing to develop, contributing to their personal development, customer-oriented, responsible for the society and giving importance to ethical values, at the same time,  ensuring that it is the most preferred company for highly qualified employees in its sector, allowing them to use their potential in the most efficient way.

Human Resources Vision 

Its vision is to be the most preferred company with innovative and sustainable HR practices that make its employees feel valued, create a common culture. 

We stand by our employees by implementing creative, reliable and contemporary human resources policies that are open to new ideas.

Human Resources Policies

We have established our human resources policy within the framework of the “people first” approach.

-To increase our productivity with systems and practices that provide opportunities and contributions to the development of our employees, their motivation, job satisfaction and happiness.

-To implement multidimensional communication as our management approach.

-To support activities that will increase the motivation of employees in order to increase organizational commitment and strengthen internal communication.

- To establish and develop the system that will enable the right person to be employed in the right place in line with the mission and vision of the institution by making the medium and long term human resources planning of the institution.

-To make training plans in line with the training needs analysis of the employees and to contribute to their development for the realization of individual career plans,

- To enable the employees to be promoted within their duties in line with the performance appraisal system,

-To support employees with performance-based empowerment, recognition, appreciation and personal development practices,

-To create a work environment where all employees will feel safe within the scope of occupational health and safety.