Our Values

Our Values

Benoplast, advancing without compromising the way of being an institution that respects its customers, suppliers, employees, and the social environment it is in, becomes a role model in the sector with its values in employee first, gender equality, quality, customer, and environment.


Benoplast = Employee First

Our colleagues are our greatest value. They are the most important part of our sustainability activities. We know that we succeed and achieve our goals with the joint effort and dedication of each employee. In this context, we provide a working environment that supports personal development, makes you feel healthy and safe, respects human rights, supports equality of opportunity and diversity by using our resources at the maximum level to increase employee loyalty.   

Benoplast = Gender Equality

While we benefit from the power and positive energy of women in all our units, we always act in accordance with the principle of gender equality in processes such as recruitment, sharing ideas, and distribution of duties with our contemporary perspective.

Benoplast = Quality

We have the ideal of growing our brand by being mentioned in the triangle of quality, on-time production and correct delivery and being known that our biggest commitment is quality. We are doing our best to be a successful and exemplary institution not only in production but also in our rental and recycling activities without compromising our competitive structure.

Benoplast = Customer

It is our company heritage to listen to our customers, understand their needs, give different ideas by offering the right options, learn, teach, manage the process flexibly and comfortably, and demonstrate devotion to produce works that ultimately end with satisfaction.

Benoplast = Environment

We are aware that mismanagement of resources, failure to protect ecosystems, and failure to be sensitive to climate change will have serious adverse effects on human health and the economy. In this context, we increase our environmental performance to the highest level and bring it back to economic life by recycling approximately 2,000 tons of plastic per month through our recycling facility, PLASTIKO, which will set an example for the circular economy. At the same time, through our rental company, TRENTO, we show that it can be an alternative not only for sales but also for 'rental', and we offer them to our customers by producing traceable plastic boxes and containers. 

Benoplast, which advances without compromising its principles in order to be remembered as a fair institution that respects its customers, suppliers, employees and the social environment it is in, becomes a role model in the sector with its unchanging culture on employee, gender equality, quality and environmental awareness.