HYG-80120 CD

  • 800 x 1.200 x 152 (h) mm
    800 x 1.200 x 152 (h) mm
  • HDPE-18000 gr
    HDPE-18000 gr
  • 506 / 700
    506 / 700
  • 4.800 kg
    4.800 kg
  • 1.200 kg
    1.200 kg
  • 1.000 kg
    1.000 kg

Our hygienic pallets, which are used in all sectors with their ergonomic, modern and robust structures specially designed in different sizes, provide users with practical use and storage opportunities for long periods of time. 

Our hygienic pallets, which are produced especially for the transportation and storage of heavy loads, also have structural features that allow for conveyor use as well. 

Our hygienic pallets, which provide economical and long-lasting solutions against all the negativities caused by wooden pallets, whose number is decreasing in the sector every year, are indispensable packaging solutions for production and warehouses where hygiene standards are kept at the highest level. 

Our hygienic plastic pallets offer suitable solutions to the ‘hygienic rack loading’ demands of our national and international customers thanks to their resistance to heavy loads. 

Our hygienic pallet models that can be used for almost every sector and weight offer a safe usage area for transportation and storage in every area where hygiene standards are kept at the highest level. 

Our hygienic pallets, which can be produced as 3 and 5 runners / skids, can also be supported with metal bars to increase rack loading capacities. 

Production can be made in high and lower safety rim models suitable for different needs with its robust, fully closed walls and bottom structure. 

Depending on the usage area, pallet loading on forklift-conveyor and rack can be made safer with anti-slip strip applications. 

In addition to standard usage conditions and qualities, our hygienic pallets can be produced with special resistant raw materials and masterbatches in sectors where much colder storage environments are sought beyond general cold storage conditions according to customer demands.

Features such as screen printing, laser printing, sequential numbering, hot stamping and RFID label applications can be added to our pallets and thus our plastic pallets become traceable by customers or institutions. 

Like all our other products, our plastic pallets can also be sterilized with washing machines after each use and made ready for reuse. 

In addition to our 100% food-safe productions, thanks to the environmentally friendly recycled raw material opportunity provided by our recycling facilities, not only 1st quality but also production can be made in different colors and qualities with mixed raw materials according to the demands of our customers.

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