Cherry Crate Types and Prices

September 12, 2023

Cherry Crate Types and Prices

Cherry Crate

Transportation and preservation of cherry fruits is very important to maintain their post-harvest quality. Cherry crates ensure that cherries are not damaged by external factors and are transported while preserving their freshness. Thanks to the cherry crates, they can be transported in the best possible way in all logistics processes from the field to the table.


Cherry crates appeal to the entire agricultural sector. Cherry crates can be used in cold storage as well as other agricultural products. In this way, the freshness and quality of cherries are preserved and their shelf life is extended.


Cherry Crate Prices

Cherry crate prices vary depending on how many crates will be purchased, their sizes and the prices offered by competitors. Prices also vary seasonally. Especially the demand for cherries, which is the fruit of the summer months, is intense in the summer months, which can increase prices.


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