How to Maintain Plastic Pallets?

September 15, 2023

How to Maintain Plastic Pallets?

Plastic pallets are a preferred option in the food and pharmaceutical industries thanks to their compliance with hygienic conditions. Since high hygiene standards must be maintained in these sectors, plastic pallet maintenance offers a suitable solution to these requirements. The automotive industry is an area where transporting large and heavy loads is important. Plastic pallets offer a good solution for the automotive industry thanks to their lightness and durability. The retail industry requires pallets for storing and transporting products.


Plastic pallets are frequently preferred in this sector because they are economical as well as durable. The transportation industry also benefits from the advantages of plastic pallets. Being light and durable, they help transport loads faster and more efficiently. Additionally, plastic pallets take up little space, which can make transportation and storage more efficient. Plastic pallets are very easy to maintain. They can usually be cleaned with soap and water.


Plastic Pallet Maintenance

Some pallets can be cleaned with high pressure water. Dirt and stains can be easily removed using a soapy cloth or brush. For plastic pallet maintenance, pallets should be kept away from extreme temperatures and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. To meet the loading, unloading, transportation and storage requirements, the use of mechanical loading, unloading and transportation methods is quite convenient and effective.


However, plastic pallets must be handled with care in order to prevent unbalanced force and possible damage during landing. The weight of the lower pallet should be taken into account when stacking. When placing products, the products must be placed evenly and balancedly to prevent bending during lifting and transportation. When using transport equipment, the size of the plastic pallet and the size of the transport equipment should be compatible, so that the pallet may not be damaged.


Use of Plastic Pallets

Rack-type plastic pallets should be used for shelf loading and the carrying capacity should be determined in accordance with the shelf structure, the risk of overload should be minimized. The spurs should not hit the side of the track to prevent the track from cracking or breaking. In cases where heavy loads are transported, it is recommended to place the pallet on a flat surface. When operating with forklifts or manual hydraulic vehicles, the fork protrusions should be as close as possible to the fork hole of the pallet and the fork protrusions should cover the entire pallet.


Once the pallet is stably lifted, the angle of the load can be changed. When there is dirt or chemicals on the surface of plastic pallets, they should be rinsed with clean water and then dried thoroughly before use. In order to ensure long-term use of plastic pallets and to prevent corrosion, they should not be exposed to sunlight. If it will not be used for a long time, it may be a good method to protect it with a shade cloth or rain cloth.


Plastic pallets may be damaged for various reasons during the use process. Therefore, it is important to carry out regular maintenance and repair to maintain the service life of the pallets. In case of joinable pallets, damaged parts must be replaced in a timely manner, for example pallet panels and steel tubes. If the condition of the pallet deteriorates, the entire pallet may need to be replaced.