Hamburger Case Types and Prices

September 12, 2023

Hamburger Case Types and Prices

Hamburger Case

Specially designed crates that carry burgers, sandwiches and all kinds of local bread offer ideal solutions for the safe and comfortable transportation and delivery of bread to customers. These crates play an important role in food safety by ensuring the preservation of bread and maintaining its freshness.


Hamburger Crates

The perforated structure of hamburger cases is ideal for saving storage space in ovens. Thanks to their plastic structure, they are durable and long-lasting. At the same time, its perforated structure helps the breads maintain their freshness by allowing the products to breathe.


It is important to use hamburger cases in a sterile manner and they need to be washed frequently. Conical bakery product plastic case types can be cleaned using washing machines. The size and design of such safes may vary for each company and can be customized according to needs. In this way, products are transported and stored hygienically and safely.


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