Market Box Types and Prices

September 12, 2023

Market Box Types and Prices

Market crates are the most commonly used vehicle for transporting wholesale fruits and vegetables and delivering them to the end user. It is the most important crate choice in the protection, transportation and distribution processes of both fruits and vegetables. Today, market crates are used in places such as markets, greengrocers and markets in the field of fruits and vegetables. It is also used in factories in the food industry.


Market Safe

One of the features of the grocery store bins is that the fruits and vegetables to be transported are stored in a durable structure. It also allows the products to breathe thanks to its perforated structure. Another feature is flexibility and the capacity to store different products in an orderly and safe manner. Market boxes ensure that products are stored regularly and protected in the best possible way. It saves space while ensuring the most comfortable use of warehouse areas.


Prices of commercial crates vary depending on the costs of the crate producing companies in the agricultural sector and the quality of the plastic raw material. Plastic apricot crate prices also vary depending on the sector, such as fig and olive crates. Market boxes, which offer a competitive advantage while preserving the quality of the products, have an important place in the evolution of the agricultural sector.


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