Pomegranate Crate Types and Prices

September 12, 2023

Pomegranate Crate Types and Prices

Pomegranate Crate

The pomegranate industry needs quality storage and transportation solutions in order to offer quality and fresh pomegranates to its customers. Pomegranate crates were especially popular in the pomegranate industry due to their special designs. It allows safe and efficient storage and transportation of pomegranate fruits. The durable design of these crates minimizes fruit damage and minimizes product loss. This durability allows us to offer fresh and attractive products while maintaining their delicate structure.

Pomegranate Crate Types

Additionally, its perforated design keeps pomegranates fresh for a long time. Thanks to the ventilation holes, the pomegranate breathes, which prevents moisture accumulation and mold formation. Pomegranate crates can be specially designed in different sizes and capacities. This flexibility offers ideal storage solutions for different types and quantities of pomegranates.

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