Vegetable Crate Types and Prices

September 14, 2023

Vegetable Crate Types and Prices

Vegetable Crate

Vegetable crates have an important place in the agricultural sector. They extend the shelf life of the products by ensuring safe transportation of vegetables. While plastic vegetable crates preserve the freshness of vegetables by being produced under hygienic conditions, foldable vegetable crates save space in storage.


It extends the shelf life of vegetables with its base height and perforated structure. The biggest reason why vegetable crates are preferred in their highest quality form today is related to preventing damage to vegetables and keeping the storage process long.


Plastic Vegetable Crate Prices

Plastic vegetable crate prices vary depending on the size, quality and order quantity of the product. Plastic vegetable crates are more economical and long-lasting than wooden crates. For this reason, they are often preferred in the agricultural sector.


Folding Vegetable Crates

Foldable vegetable crates offer a practical transportation option. Foldable vegetable crates, which are an ideal choice especially for vegetable and fruit producers, can be easily folded and stored when not in use. It provides a tidy space as the safes do not take up much space in the warehouse when not in use. Vegetable crates are generally made of plastic material and are long-lasting thanks to their durable structure.


As a result, vegetable crates play a vital role in the agricultural sector, ensuring safe transportation of vegetables and increasing the shelf life of products. While plastic vegetable crates attract attention with their hygienic production and various types, foldable vegetable crates also offer a practical solution for storage.


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