What are the Most Preferred Plastic Case Types? - Benoplast

November 29, 2023

What are the Most Preferred Plastic Case Types? - Benoplast

Plastic crates are important equipment preferred by a wide range of businesses. It is used in many different sectors, from industrial meat plants to supermarkets, from greengrocers to retail store warehouses. Standing out with their durable structure and practical use design, plastic case types are ideal to meet the multi-purpose needs of businesses.

Displaying products neatly in plastic cases is a convenient way to optimize category layout on shelves and ensure a neat shelf layout. Plastic cases, which are a good option to meet the need for hygienic product transportation, enable various products to be presented to customers in a safe and practical way.

Plastic Case Models

Plastic crate types are an extremely suitable solution for transporting different products such as meat, fish, baked goods and flowers. Plastic crates, which stand out with their practical cleaning feature, help businesses keep their hygiene standards high and are also effective in preserving the freshness and quality of products. In this way, products used to provide the best experience to customers can be managed more effectively with the help of plastic cases.

Plastic crates can be used in a wide range of ways to provide customized use for a variety of materials and products. These safes are designed to serve various purposes in different industries.

Plastic Crates for Different Purposes

For example, crates specially designed for vegetables and fruits are an effective solution for transporting and storing fresh products. While they can be used as "olive crates" in olive collection and transportation processes, they can also be preferred as "fig drying crates" during the fig drying season.

"Citrus crates" used in the collection and logistics processes of citrus fruits are an ideal option especially for relevant sectors. Likewise, plastic crates, also called "apple crates", can be preferred for apple transportation and marketing operations. These crates help in the safe transportation and storage of products.

Plastic bread crates are also very useful for carrying bread. It is one of the widely used products for mass transportation of bread baked in ovens. Plastic bread crates, which have high circulation, offer suitable solutions for transportation operations with different color and model options.

Plastic Case Types

Plastic crate types designed for meat transportation purposes are used in a wide range of areas, from industrial meat processing facilities to butcher shops. In such businesses, transportation and presentation of meat products in a healthy manner is of great importance for consumer health. Plastic meat transport crates are one of the frequently preferred products, especially for displaying products in cold meat sections of markets and for transferring in meat processing facilities.

Apart from this, different businesses that are not in the food industry can also choose the types of plastic crates they deem suitable. In this way, it delivers its products to its customers in a safe and clean manner.