Wine Case Types and Prices

September 14, 2023

Wine Case Types and Prices

Wine Case

The wine industry requires high-quality solutions for the production, storage and transportation of fine wines. Wine cases play an important role at this stage.


  Wine crates enable safe storage and transportation of wine, thanks to their design and special materials. The durable design of the cases minimizes wine spoilage and minimizes product loss. In addition, wine crates can be individually designed in different sizes and capacities. This flexibility offers ideal storage solutions for different types and quantities of wine.


Wine Crates

Wine crates contribute to sustainability goals. Both meet the wine storage and transportation needs of wine producers and distributors with their durability, special design and capacity options, while helping to reduce the environmental impact of the industry through the use of green and sustainable materials. Therefore, wine crates play a key role in preserving fresh products and raising quality standards in the wine industry.


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